The Art of Sound: A Visual History for Audiophiles by Terry Burrows (Published June 2017)
Mute: A Visual Document by Terry Burrows & Daniel Miller (Published November 2017

AS AN AUTHOR, Terry Burrows has written over 80 titles and sold over 4 million books in the past 15 years. Many of these have been in the fields of music tuition, theory and technology – other subjects have included TV and cinema, pop culture, history, science, technology, computer software, business and popular psychology. Published in at least a dozen different territories and translated into ten different languages, he has also written numerous magazine features, both under his own name and such pseudonyms as Terence Ashley, Harrison Franklin, Hans-Joachim Vollmer and Yukio Yung. Terry has also provided contract writing and editorial services for many international businesses, including Microsoft, Time-Life and Reader's Digest.

AS A MUSICIAN, Terry Burrows has been responsible for over 50 commercial releases in a wide variety of styles and under many different aliases. His solo or group projects have included Yukio Yung, The Chrysanthemums (listed as the 23rd most underrated band of all time in Germany's Musik Xpress!), Jung Analysts, Tonesucker, Asmus Tietchens and Terry Burrows, Push-Button Pleasure, The Yung & Moore Show (collaboration with US lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore), Test Tone Five and The Aspergillum. He also produces bespoke music for TV and film.

TERRY BURROWS is also a specialist in online education. He has taught/lectured at the State University of New York (SUNY), created courses for Element K and Powered Inc. in the US. A former business analyst (and later publishing professional), his postgraduate education encompasses business, technology and music. Between 1999 and 2003 he ran a guitar tuition course for the Barnes and Noble University in the US, at that time the world's largest provider of online education; between these dates he taught over 3000 subscribers, making him arguably the guitar teacher with the largest student body in the world. (His guitar books are among the biggest sellers globally in their field.)

For information on his business activities in the fields of publishing, music, project management and education look at The Orgone Company website. You can view some of Terry's published works available at Amazon (US), Barnes & Noble (US) and Amazon (UK).

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